Knowdle AI, a very human company working for a better world.

We create advanced technology solutions with AI to improve our lives. We use Bioinspiration and Collective Intelligence to achieve the common good in such a way that we promote exponential growth in people and organizations.

Meaning and understanding for a Human AI (including reasoning & learning)

Educating for AI and AI for education

Interaction between AI systems and Humans (also human-human)

Behavioral economics and market decisions (including Heuristics, Framing & Market inefficiencies)

Fairness, Transparency, Interpretability and Ethical Issues

Biomimicry. Inspiring Sustainable AI Innovation


Power Humanity with AI

We are designing the principles for a new science that will make artificial intelligence based on people values and closer to world.

Our new approach works toward AI systems that augment and empower all Humans by understanding us, our society and the world around us.

Designing optimal AI, meaning that AI is optimal for people and that is trustworthy, ethical, responsible and will take accountability and transparency into account.


Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is made by us humans, researchers and citizens, who care deeply about the future of AI and its use for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the planet. The researchers in Knowdle are involved in the designing of our Human-Centered approach for a better future research in World AI.

A truthly bioinspired aumented intelligence for humans.


Integrate our abilities as humans to perceive, think and create with the technology and use AI as a tool to make us smarter, to perform things we couldn’t do before.


Educate on all levels what opportunities we have and what is happening and bring people together to create something that everyone participated in or can participate in the future and change the future to something we all want to live in.


Use cultural diversity and create a collaborative set of experience that is bringing together very different communities but ones that respect and encourage that individuality in others.


Modelling the future to create the common good

Build systems that collaborate and understand people as individuals. That understand what they understand, to see what they see and to see what they don’t see, so that they can offer advice, assistance and services to help them be more effective.

Have an AI and machine learning methods that always offers a human understandable explanation of the decisions they suggest, by taking the human in the loop and express such explanation in language that different kind of users may have depending by their context.

Goals for AI would be two:

the first to predict future events in society and the other to create broad AI with common sense reasoning.

Work together

Create methods for mass deliberation to make sure that everyone that is part of our society can really understand what the debate is about, to work together and understand each other and form that point of view hopefully find new solutions to the problems our society faces.

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