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Knowdle, selected for the next Alantra Emprende program.

Today we woke up with great news: «Alantra Emprende has selected us together with Indigitall and GoSupply to prepare our international growth.» Going hand in hand with the best is the safest way to keep growing. Thanks to Alantra and Fundación Empresa y Sociedad for this great opportunity.

The 26 startups competing today for the Alhambra Venture 2019 award

Alhambra Venture 2019 has welcomed promising and innovative projects from Andalusia, Extremadura, Valencia and Murcia.

In addition, among the selected projects, there are participants in different acceleration programmes such as Andalucía Open Future, Minerva and Telefónica Open Future Extremadura.

Knowdle AI Technologies Group selected as one of the most innovative projects in the 6th edition of Alhambra Venture 2019

Investors and entrepreneurs meet in Granada. On 3 and 4 July, Granada will be the capital of opportunities for startups with the celebration of the sixth edition of Alhambra Venture. A meeting that is a reference in terms of raising finance for entrepreneurs in southern Spain.

The 'Google' of knowledge to improve business

Knowdle helps companies grow faster, with cutting-edge technology, fast and efficient. The Knowdle platform – open, bio-inspired and with a collective mathematical algorithm – is based on three crucial concepts: Social Networks, Big Data and IA. The union of these sectors boosts the development of new and established companies, promoting new business models.

71% of Ibex companies pay "no" attention to employees over 50 years old

«Transparency and good governance report on the management of senior talent in Ibex 35 companies», prepared by Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia, in collaboration with Itwillbe and Knowdle Foundation.

Everybody says they do artificial intelligence, but nobody really does.

After having been part of the most important institutions in the world of informatics, such as RedIRIS (Research Academic Network, Fundesco/CSIC), Servicom, Retesa, Retevisión, ABS or Compass, Felipe García has embarked on a complex but «exciting» project. Since 2012 he has been developing Knowdle from Malaga, a system that wants to revolutionize leisure consumption through collective intelligence.

Startups start their training to get financing

The members of the startups selected for the Alhambra Venture 2019, which will be held on 3 and 4 July at the Palacio de Congresos in Granada, began their preparations to achieve the greatest possible success in obtaining funding.

In this sixth edition will exceed seventy investors, have registered and analyzed more than 105 startups and there will be 200 mentoring sessions. In the historic event, more than 23 million euros have been obtained in 24% of the companies that have participated in the investment attraction.

Ten advantages of applying artificial intelligence at work

Companies are not yet aware of the enormous benefits that a proper and personalized use of IA and IC represents to boost their value chain.

Cajamar supports the commitment of the companies in the Technology Circle to ICT and BIOTIC

A report by the consulting firm PwC estimates that by 2030 artificial intelligence and new technologies could contribute around 14 billion euros to the global economy, and that by 2035 it will double world economic growth rates.

Has Spain missed the artificial intelligence train?

This is the conclusion of the Internet Governance Forum Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence. But also the headline that can be deduced from the latest study on Spanish companies and IA, prepared by EY consultancy for Microsoft.

An ethical knowledge economy

In the midst of the debate on data protection, good practices are indispensable and must be defended. In a highly speculative and volatile global financial context, the digital world seems to have found the philosopher’s stone of its own economic era: data.

Artificial Intelligence and Complexity Theory: the complexity of uncertainty

Complexity theory… also called complexity strategy or adaptive complex organization, is the use of complexity theory in the field of strategic management and studies of organizations, others call «and social sciences»..

Buaala continues its expansion on Android devices

Launch of Buaala 3.0!

After several months of hard work, Buaala presents its new version Buaala 3.0. during an event held at Casa Club de Madrid on Tuesday 26 September.

Applications at the service of the series

The app to watch movies

Buaala, collective intelligence at the service of entertainment

Social inspirational that recommends audiovisual content and leisure plans to users related to their tastes.

Change the question of What do we watch today? for an offer adapted to your tastes and those of your surroundings. That is the spirit of Buaala, the application that learns from the user in relation to his friends through a collective artificial intelligence algorithm.

Interview with Felipe García

Interview by Alberto Goytre to Felipe García, one of the leading internet and artificial intelligence references in Spain.

When your digital life is business

The Buaala application has developed a type of collective artificial intelligence that personalizes leisure options according to the friends with whom the plans are shared.

Applications with artificial intelligence to learn from us

Artificial intelligence is beginning to emerge from the realm of science fiction and is becoming part of our everyday devices.

Deciding what series to watch tonight

Different applications, with personalized information according to the user’s tastes, have emerged to process the huge amount of data, guide the viewer and even recommend content.

Buaala lands on Android

The new version marks a turning point in the applications of artificial intelligence for leisure and entertainment.

Buaala incorporates its new functionality to go to the cinema

Since September, the “Cartelera” section has been available in Buaala, a space for information and recommendations on the different films currently being shown in cinemas all over Spain.

The Knowdle ecosystem is born as a shared dream

Buaala offers products and services adapted to the tastes of each user and those of its network of friends in the leisure and entertainment sector.

Knowdle Media Group closes a new investment round of 550,000 euros

The new capital injection will enable Knowdle Media Group to improve the performance of its Buaala platform, expanding its user community and facing the start of its international expansion.

Why and how do we choose our favorite TV series from the huge offer?

“Never before has there been such a wide, flexible and high-quality television offer. However, an oversupply also makes it very difficult to choose content.”

The best apps to share TV series

Buaala tells you on which platform you can follow each series, and thanks to the recommendations you will be able to discover new content that you will surely like.

Personalized television to deal with the "bubble" of series

Selling your data will allow you to live without working

Powered by Buaala and how artificial intelligence helps your business

Powered by Buaala, the business unit of Buaala, aimed at providing B2B2C services to companies in Artificial Intelligence (IA), shows us the main advantages and practical applications that this technology.

The app that will change the way you watch TV

If you’re one of those who devour one series after another and keep asking your friends for advice to choose your next victim, perhaps it’s time to think about alternatives that do recommend series in conditions, interesting and know that you’ll like them from minute one.

The best digital applications

Buaala (Android, iOS) is born to answer questions. What do we watch? or what do we do? The platform suggests films, series, plans or concerts close to the user based on their tastes. What you like is the motto of this platform, which is also free.

This App recommends series, plans or movies according to your taste.

There are so many series, films and services that you may not know what to watch. With the extensive catalogue of Netflix, HBO, cinemas… it’s difficult to choose, what to do. But for that there is Buaala, an application for those who are always asking their friends for advice on what to watch.

Buaala analyzes what is said, from where and with whom

Although in social networks more people worry about creating a customised character, no one is the same person in a family context, between friends or at work. Based on a collective intelligence algorithm, Buaala makes personalized recommendations according to your location.

Artificial and collective intelligence is not new, but it is revolutionary to have an application. For the company, its ideal future lies in “convincing users that their tastes have a value, that their experience improves with customization and that they can earn money with their data.

Big Data has become a key pillar for apps development

The fact that an application is useful to you, you like it and even hooks you up is thanks, in large part, to Big Data, that set of technologies that is capable of extracting the relevant information and turning it into something useful.

The Big Data is laying the foundation for a revolution in the world of applications, as well as attractive, fast and easy to use, apps like Buaala are designed to meet user needs.

9 AI bots that learn from our tastes

Although artificial intelligence is currently already applied through Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant, it is only based on facial, voice and audio recognition, Machine Learning is a system that learns from us and records our tastes, habits and models, so it is able to suggest and anticipate our actions.

12 Ways Artificial Intelligence can help your business

Companies are not yet aware of the enormous benefits that proper and personalized use of the sum of IA and CI can bring to their value chain. “It is not a question of technology, since developments already exist and have proven their effectiveness, but rather of mentality.

Get a FREE iPhone X thanks to Buaala and Urban Tecno!

Buaala is a good alternative to applications such as Netflix or HBO because we can view multimedia content such as movies or series. Downloading it from the App Store is completely free of charge.

What do you want to watch on TV?

If you want to stop being a mere spectator and become an actor and manager of your leisure time, the Buaala application will be your best ally by interacting with your friends and contacts environment.

Buaala creates an advisory board to face its international expansion

Formed by renowned professionals in the fields of Internet, technology, audiovisual, entrepreneurship or science, this consultative body is called upon to play an important role, provide first-class contacts and strengthen internationalisation.

Buaala renews its design for iOS 11, following your series is easier than ever!

Today we are many viewers who follow dozens of series at the same time, so it is sometimes very difficult to keep track of them all. We therefore recommend Buaala, an ideal application for planning, discovering and sharing audiovisual content.

Discover the new Buaala!

Today we are many viewers who follow dozens of series at the same time, so it is sometimes very difficult to keep track of them all. We therefore recommend Buaala, an ideal application for planning, discovering and sharing audiovisual content.

Buaala incorporates its new functionality to go to the cinema

From the “Billboard” tab you can obtain information about the films, consult theatres and sessions and even buy tickets directly.

What did you think of the last GoT chapter? Put it on your iPhone!

Buaala allows you to comment on Game of Thrones and the rest of series, films and documentaries. If you are faithful to your favorite series, find homonyms with which to share the best experiences of that chapter that marked you forever.

The best movie for you and your friends, from your iPhone or iPad!

How many times will we have found ourselves in this difficult situation? From time to time we meet up with our friends and get ready to watch a movie. Once the popcorn is in your hand and already at the cinema entrance, the problem arises: which film to choose?

With this application you will know which movie to watch with your friends

When we have a day off and we don’t know what to do, one of the first ideas that pops into our minds is going to the movies. How do we balance the schedules of the whole group? Which movie is perfect for me and my partner?

Who will die in the Throne Game? Put it with Buaala!

Buaala allows you to comment on Game of Thrones and the rest of series, films and documentaries. If you are faithful to your favorite series, find homonyms with which to share the best experiences of that chapter that marked you forever.

Still don't know what new series to watch on your iPhone or iPad?

If, like many of us, you don’t know what new series to watch, your indecision is over, and with Buaala you will be able to discover a few good series that you will surely love, are you going to miss them?

Buaala: the best app to discover and recommend series and films

Buaala lets consumers find out and advise on content related to cinema, movies, series, TV shows… It has a catalogue of more than 70,000 Amazon products. Don’t let the marathon stop!

How to find the best Game of Thrones merchandising

From Buaala you will be able to access a section dedicated to us, directly connected to Amazon that will offer you through this shop -and without leaving the app- the best objects of your favorite series.

Buaala, the interactive way of watching television

Buaala is the interface of an algorithm developed by Knowdle Media Group’s scientific team after five years of research. It is the result of the combined work of a team of mathematicians, physicists and other computer specialists. And all this to make the TV viewing experience special.

When artificial intelligence knows what (yet) you don't know you want to see

Getting home after a long day. Want to disconnect and lie down on the couch and watch… What do you see? You don’t know very well and while you think about it, it’s time to go to bed. It sounds like a joke, but it’s the reality of many. The app analyzes the main criteria that television viewers follow when choosing a series, documentary or film.

Interview with Felipe García in the programme "La aventura del saber" on TVE

Salvador Gómez Valdés interviews Felipe García, CEO of Buaala TV and Knowdle Media Group. Best of all, Buaala is always right, because it employs an algorithm that makes use of artificial and collective intelligence so as not to fail in its recommendations, it will always recommend the most appropriate film for everyone.

How do Spaniards choose the TV series they want to watch?

With the current pace of life, leisure time is very limited and the user doesn’t want to have to spend it looking for information to help him decide or, worse still, in the wrong or disappointing choices. He wants to get it right to make the most of his free time.

Traditional and online word-of-mouth continues to be the main reason to dare to see a content

Factors such as social networks, smartphones, tablets or new on-demand content platforms have forever changed TV consumption habits. Never before has there been such a wide, flexible and high-quality television offer. However, an over-supply also makes it very difficult to choose content.

Why do we choose to watch one series or another?

Each year there are about 500 series produced, so the most complicated thing is to find a fiction that you like, but choose where to start. Buaala, an application to design your custom grill, has analyzed the criteria that television viewers follow when choosing their favorite productions.

Don't miss another tv series or movie

Buaala is the ideal app to plan what series are approaching on the horizon, discover new things and share them with friends and acquaintances. Come on, if your thing is cinema and television, Buaala will become a must for your iPhone or Android.

Applications to follow TV programming on your mobile phone

If you’re a hardcore serialist and you’re always watching several series at the same time, there’s sure to be no harm in knowing when new episodes of your favorite series are available. Thanks to this compilation you will be able to download the best applications to follow TV programming. ​​​​​​

The Heroes Club and KMG present the new version of Buaala, the application that transforms the user into a content influence.

On February 14th, taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day theme and love, took place in Madrid the presentation of Buaala, the new application of the Knowdle ecosystem focused on inspiring audiovisual content.

Valentine's Day #aTodoBuaala

Valentine’s Day #aTodoBuaala, a surprising, fun and also romantic event for the launch of Buaala. Next Tuesday 14 February from 7.30pm at The Heroes Club. Buaala is a powerful mobile application that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm, based on collective intelligence, to inspire audiovisual content that adapts to the profile of each user and their group of friends.

The new guru of the series is called artificial intelligence

The recommendation engines use information from the user, its environment and artificial intelligence: machines capable of thinking and creating patterns from the endless number of data that, unconsciously, flow daily on the Internet and, especially, on social networks.

2017, will the series bubble burst this year?

The oversupply is such that many users have given up choosing what to see and have turned themselves over to the machine arms or, in other words, to the complex recommendation algorithms of streaming platforms. “People don’t want to make decisions, they need tools that tell them what they have to see.

Let’s build the future

Sharing knowledge bases through advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques that use our collective intelligence algorithm in a unique and disjunctive way.
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