Setting up Exponential People, Organizations and Economies: Helping them to build the businesses of the future creating AI collective intelligence infrastructures and solutions.

Knowdle AI Collective Engine is the definitive revenue exponential enabler.

Enterprises Accelerator Program



… is a Value Added AI Technology for Companies. We provide organizations with a disruptive #AI platform that enables effective technology that help them outperform competitors.

Startup accelerator program



… is a Value Added AI Technology for startups and entrepreneurs. We are looking for startups with new ideas and synergy with our technology and collective intelligence algorithms to unleash significant differential value.

WHAT WE DO… Accelerate the growth processes of PEOPLE & companies

Our platform – open, bioinspired and with a collective math algorithm- takes care of three crucial concepts online: Social Networks, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We empower startups with the AI they need to engage in new business models.


Innovative technologies are costly to develop, require time and are expensive. Enterprises and Startups often, don’t have the time or the resources to develop them. We provide them with our AI platform to improve their business and add value to their offering. We bootstrap them to grow faster. State of the art technology fast and efficiently.

Business Strategy

Through the application of #AI based on collective intelligence we help to create new business models. Our purpose is to help to accelerate startups from an early stage to revenue and profits. “What you know that I don’t know, what I know that you don’t

Target market

Companies and Startups with new ideas and synergy where our technology and algorithms can unleash a significant differential value. Integrating Artificial Wisdom could increase by 38% your profitability in 2035 “How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovation” (Accenture, 2017)

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

CloudedWe is a complex cloud site. It uses social media to profile consumers according to their online social influence and semantic affinity via the Collective Wisdom Algorithm.
Mapping your customer’s mind

Why are we different

Artificial Collective Intelligence will revolutionize the way companies grow and compete, as it provides a totally new asset which can increase the profitability of the enterprises. We deliver products and services with a high probability of success during the purchasing decision. There is no decision without motivation. Two business UNITs Product and Acceleration Program.

Algorithm unique and disruptor

The algorithm involves the advanced management of three basic concepts in the online business: Social Networks, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Reads Social Networks – 95%
  • Extracts Big Data – 90%
  • Creates Artificial Wisdom – 85%
  • Predictive Analysis and User Behiavour: AnalyticsFacebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia
  • Extracts Big Data: Predictive Analysis and User behaviour Analytics
  • Creates Artificial Wisdom: Based on Collective Wisdom and Ethics Engine

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way companies grow and compete, as it constitutes a totally new factor of production which can increase the profitability of the enterprises. To take advantage of this great opportunity, it is essential that organizations begin to develop strategies putting people at the center, and to commit themselves to the development of responsible AI systems, with moral and ethical values; all of this will bring positive results and encourage people to do what they do best: imagine, create and innovate. Paul Daugherty – Technology an Innovation Manager, Accenture

Our #AI solution is also enriched with an Improvement Engine, that combines Ethical Engine withMotivation Engine: ”There is NO right decision without right motivation

Potentially interested industries

Searching for talented on startup to apply our technology: HIGH LEVEL INTERESTED INDUSTRIES 1. Fintech | 2. Insurance | 3. eHealth | 4. eLearning | 5. Legal PRODUCTS 1. Chatbots | 2. PLN (Natural languages) | 3. Robotics

Betting on entrepreneurs

Co-investment in Internet projects which the technologies developed as accelerator elements can be applied. B2B of the Collective Intelligence engine.

«In a world where AI is growing fast, I was impressed by Knowdle technology. A new approach on how to leverage customer data to provide better services in social experiences».

Luis Álvarez Satorre

Digital Advisor. Author of “Becoming a 3DCEO”

«Knowdle uses the interrelationships of our environment to improve the knowledge and behavior of customers».

Rodolfo Carpintier Santana

President DaD

«Collective IA is the vanguard of IA, which today is the vanguard of both infotechnology and biotechnology».

Paco Abad

Founder and Director "Fundación Empresa y Sociedad"

«Data-driven knowledge has become indispensable for companies. It’s surprising that not enough attention is paid to the potential of collective intelligence (CI) when it comes to generating new opportunities. AI provides us with unique tools for building the future, but ACI will help us create a new generation of much more liquid and customer-centric services and experiences for people».

José Manuel de la Chica Rodríguez

CTO Santander Universities

«With pride, I can assure that the Spanish group «Knowdle», puts nowadays all its innovative effort to turn the technology into a market solution with important potential of growth. Knowdle has made a technological cutting edge a reality, with AI based on CI, capable of providing solutions to needs where other projects have not arrived».

María Jesus Prieto Laffargue

Past WFEO President

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